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Welcome to ReKonnect India

When a semicolon is used to join two or more ideas (parts) in a sentence, those ideas are then given equal position or rank. And when it comes to careers, a semi-colon is different from a full-stop. By far.

ReKonnect believes a pause in a career is merely a semi-colon, not a full stop.

ReKonnect is a career re-launcher program by ReKonnect India that aims to create a repository of aspirants who are looking to resume their careers. ReKonnect careers after having taken a break / a sabbatical for personal or professional reasons.

Companies look for skills, talent, attitude and immediacy of joining. ReKonnect is focused on creating a pool of such candidates only - where we present only candidates who are immediately available and pre-execute the reference check process making hiring rapid, reliable and relevant.

“Find out what you like doing best and then, get someone to pay you for it”- Katherine Whitehorn.

Rightly said. Most of us have an aspiration to get a good job that adds value to our career.

Welcome to ReKonnect, an initiative by ReKonnect India which aims to provide jobs to people who may have had to leave their jobs in the past due to unavoidable circumstances, and now aspire to join the workforce again.

Sometimes, we make choices and you could have made one in the past:
  • Prioritising Family
  • Relocation
  • Health issues
  • Pursuing higher education
  • Taken a sabbatical.

We believe that everyone, at every stage of life, deserves to dream a new dream or set a new goal.

So if you or someone you know, seeks a chance at the corporate life again, do drop us an email with your resume, a brief on the reasons behind your gap and any other details you feel relevant at

ReKonnect a second innings for your career, with ReKonnect.

You Matter

It's all about YOU, Your skill , Your experience- Hence, your Future!

Today Roles don't matter, Skills do

We will be thrilled to receive your details and match your skills to available opportunities.

It's all about YOU, Your skill , Your experience- Hence, your Future!

Today Roles don't matter, Skills do

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