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Re-start your career amidst the pandemic situation

Jul 29th, 2021

Re-start your career amidst the pandemic situation

The Novel Coronavirus!

Damn if the word doesn’t hit hard.  The pandemic has caused a lot. It has wreaked havoc on every aspect of life.  We have been on house arrest for the longest time since perhaps many of us were born! Talking about the uncertainty of life, it is going ahead looms.

 Covid-19, in its wake, has caused damage worth of billions already.  We can only brace ourselves for whatever is yet to come. Unemployment in the US has crossed 17% and increasing.  It has peaked at 10% during the recession of 2008-2009.  At this point, it is quite easy to guess that this year’s job market will be the most challenging that we have seen ever. If you have got an uncertain career, this is a great time to consider a change of career.

 Most of the corporate houses of metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata have switched to the remote work culture so far. So, you are wondering about the current job openings in Bangalore, have you re-evaluated your skill sets lately?

Revisit your choices:

 Ask yourself a few questions to begin with. If your recent job was offered to you now, would you take this up?  If not, then what has changed your requirement now which wasn’t there before? What is your “5 years from now” goal and how will you reach there? Perhaps every answer will scream that you need a career change.   But before doing anything, make sure that all the other areas of your life are well-sorted. If your health, property, family, or relationship needs some urgent work, prioritize that before changing your career path.

Plan B’s are not enough anymore!

Despite having a single 10-year plan, create multiple paths for your future. It’s high time you should get ready for a world where career options are more flexible. A world where pandemics are constant, lockdowns are constant and remote working and side hustles are the key to survival. If you don’t find stable employment, you have options to work on contracts. Planning for a future filled up with uncertainties doesn’t mean it will come true. But when you have multiple back-up plans ready for your future, identify your skills, prepare for irregularities, you will have a better plan to survive no matter what.  If in case, you have lost your job due to the pandemic, evaluate your skill sets and options before restarting career after break.

The Private Sectors:

Let’s talk about the industries of metro cities for a bit. Whenever people are looking for jobs for immediate joining IT/ITeS firms are somehow holding their crowns in place. However, the current depressed market and dropping margins are forcing big companies to eliminate lower-skilled professionals.  Are you planning to exit to other industry? You can consider a change of roles or even switch to a start-up with great fund back-ups. Besides, think about enhancing your skills a bit. Consider doing an MBA, IT certification, digital marketing course or something.

Frame Of Mind:

Your attitude and approach matter the most if you are considering a career change currently. Despite the uncertainties and negativity, you need to be positive and focused ( no matter how hard it gets at times).


Instead of struggling to retain your career’s stability like before, embrace the mess! You have to be accustomed to the chaos when you are restarting career after a break. It’s high time you acknowledge the career choices which are thriving during the pandemic or which have risen above because of the pandemic. Just within a few months, these professional executives have gained huge demand- customer support, online sales, online teaching, content marketing, writing jobs, digital marketing and of course coding.

Author : Debalina Dutta


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