• Verity Global Solutions Pvt ltd

    Siddesh Shirdhankar
    Verity Global Solutions Pvt ltd https://verityglobalsolutions.com/

    It is pleasure to write about ReKonnect team, I value what Ankita from Inventivo did for me, always helpful whenever required during this interview process, very kind person. Not only I got selected but many of my friend was shortlisted. 
    Overall ReKonnect team is very helpful.

    Placed By : Ankita Sharaff

  • Project Manager

    Ahmed Khan
    Project Manager https://radiusdevelopers.com

    There are few consultants who patiently hears out a candidate seeking opportunity, Ruchi was one amongst them. Our conversation lasted a few minutes and she reverted with an opportunity shortly, explained me the role, shared the JD & most importantly followed up with various people within the company to facilitate my multiple rounds, had it not been for her I would have never got to meet them all within a fortnight.  She followed it up until I received the offer letter and also counselled me to take up the opportunity along with her colleague Meenakshi. Really appreciate the support and guidance offered by team ReKonnect.

    Placed By : Ruchi Gupta

  • Junior Automation Engineer

    Avishek Nair
    Junior Automation Engineer https://www.alliedmedia.com

    I never thought that I would be placed at such a good company.The working environment is awesome and the colleagues are really amazing.Thanks for linking me up to them and giving me a chance to showcase my skills.

    Placed By : Neha Boundia

  • Vice President

    Felix Roy
    Vice President https://www.verityglobalsolutions.com/

    Meenakshi has been amazing throughout the whole recruitment process! She has been extremely professional and dedicated recruitment person. I found her to be very engaging, dependable and high in integrity. I’m very pleased to recommend her. Regards Felix

    Placed By : Meenakshi Ginodia Jalan

  • Graphic Designer

    Nasreen khan
    Graphic Designer https://www.crystal-logic.com

    My Name is Nasreen khan, I'm a graphic designer . I’ve been in contact with Ashna for the past One year, and she's been so helpful in targeting my skills to the right opportunities and helping me interview for the right kind of roles. She has been very supportive throughout the entire recruitment process, Shewas very knowledgeable about the company requirements and She made the interview process very straight forward. She kept me updated regularly in the process and made sure I had no concerns. Thanks to her, and thanks to ReKonnect India Company.

    Placed By : Ashna Agarwal

  • Senior Process Associate

    Sunil Lohani
    Senior Process Associate https://verityglobalsolutions.com/

    Thank you ReKonnect India, It's a great pleasure as you as a great team who offered me this opportunity for a job. Madhu it was a great pleasure to deal with her for my job as she was so cooperative and with helpful nature for every guidance which I was approaching her. She gave me some insight as to what the company was looking for and it helped me get the job. I intend to refer ReKonnect India and as well Madhu to my friends and colleagues if they need a job search. It was a great pleasure to meet someone with guidance for getting job opportunities.Thanks Madhu and Team from ReKonnect India.

    Placed By : Madhu Agarwal

  • Underwriter

    Satish Shingne
    Underwriter https://verityglobalsolutuons.com

    Thank You ReKonnect India, You are a Great team who found me a perfect job! Ankita was the biggest pleasure to deal with! She made sure I was well prepared for my interviews, The advice and reassurance she gave was second to none, She was excellent in helping me choose the viable option. I have never been through a quicker and more seamless hiring process. I Would always recommend ReKonnect India and Ankita to my friends and colleagues for their job search.

    Placed By : Ankita Sharaff

  • Automation Engineer

    Subham Choubey
    Automation Engineer https://www.alliedmedia.com

    My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the ReKonnect india and their team for their efforts and being helpful through out the interview process. I am very grateful to them for effectively and sincerely helping me to grab the opportunity.

    Placed By : Neha Boundia

  • Radius

    Viren Praful Parekh
    Radius https://www.radiusdevelopers.com

    Hello, My knowledge sharing with ReKonnect had been great & it was Mrs. Ruchi Gupta ji, who took initiative with regards to adding value towards myself, for Senior level option in a Luxury Real Estate brand...Her communications were brief, precise & to the point. Her co-ordination definitely was flawless, which was pivotal in organizing interview soon...I definitely recommend Mrs. Ruchi Gupta ji - ReKonnect, as she goes out of her way to help individuals get their job - Thank you - Viren Praful Parekh - +91 9820126936 / informviren@gmail.comr

    Placed By : Ruchi Gupta

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